What's Included

We've created this pack to give you everything you need to hit the ground running & set you on the right path to earn more money in your social media management business.

  • In depth guides with tons of advice to help you grow your business

  • Advice on pricing and increasing your income

  • Onboarding forms, checklists and questionnaires

  • Customisable templates for proposals, invoices and reports

  • Workshop slides so you can host workshops and masterclasses

  • Facebook ads module to help you sell your workshops

  • Expert advice on mindset & productivity

  • Guest expert advice on PR, Finance & Websites

  • Downloadable Templates

    Ready to use templates for proposals, strategy, on-boarding and invoicing. So you are set up and ready to go as soon as you get an enquiry. These are all fully adaptable so you can ensure they match your brand style with a few tweaks.

  • Detailed Guides

    We've created detailed guides to help you find clients & become an expert in your sector. We know pricing is always a concern so we've created a guide to help you with pricing and advice on how to scale your income. We've also brought in an outside experts to help get you on the right track. Including a mindset coach to help you get into the right frame of mind to be able to make a success of your business.

  • Workshop Module

    We know from experience that running workshops is a really profitable part of a social media manager's business. So we've created a whole module on this. With advice on facilitating a workshop, tips on what to include and even slides you can adapt for your events. And to help you get bums on seats we've even included a module on using Facebook ads to sell your workshops.


Includes all of this...

  • 1


    • Important Information
    • Introduction To Your Tool Kit!
  • 2

    Becoming A Social Media Manager

    • Social Media Management Training Options
  • 3

    Growing Your Business

    • Introduction to growing your business
    • How To Start Earning & Increase Your Income As A Social Media Manager
    • The Quick Fire Guide To Finding Clients [Infographic]
    • What You Need For Your Business (and what you don't)
    • Content Pillars For Your Social Media Platforms
    • Optimise Your Facebook Profile
    • ⭐️NEW⭐️ Discovery Calls
  • 4

    GDPR - Expert Advice from Allison Christie

    • GDPR For Social Media Managers
  • 5

    Pricing & Increasing Your Income

    • Pricing & Charging Your Worth
    • How Much Should You Actually Charge? [Video]
    • How to get to £1k a month, £2k a month and beyond
    • Increase Your Income As An Affiliate
  • 6

    Your Finances - Expert advice from Laura Moss [video]

    • Accounting Training with Laura Moss [part 1]
    • Accounting Training - Getting started [part 2]
    • Where To Start [PDF]
    • Accounting Training - Business Expenses [part 3]
    • Business Expenses [PDF]
    • Accounting Training - Should You Have A LTD Company? [part 4]
    • Accounting Training - final thoughts [part 5]
    • Useful Links [PDF]
  • 7

    Everything Websites - Expert Advice from Joe Purnell

    • Introduction
    • Introduction
    • Why WIx Sucks [PDF]
    • Wordpress 101
    • Permalinks & Divi
    • Using Divi Pre-made Layouts
    • Using Divi From Scratch
    • Sizing Images For Your Website [PDF]
  • 8

    Website Copy - Expert Advice from Sophie Livingston

    • Getting Your Website Started [PDF guide]
  • 9

    Introduction to Google Analytics - Expert Advice from Vicki Jakes

    • How To Set Up Google Analytics
    • How To Use Google Analytics
    • Buyer Personas Worksheet [DOWNLOAD]
  • 10

    PR Tips - Expert Advice from Fiona Minett

    • What is PR?
    • Top Tips For Getting PR
  • 11

    Onboarding Templates

    • Introduction to on-boarding clients
    • Proposal Document [Template]
    • Client checklist
    • Client Questionnaire
    • Client Strategy [Template]
    • Invoice [Template]
    • Client Management Trello Board
    • Financial Reporting Spreadsheet [Template]
    • Competition T&C's [Template]
  • 12

    Working with clients

    • Hosting a Power Hour
    • How To Make The Most Of Your Power Hour [Template]
    • Tips For Carrying Out A Social Media Audit
    • Audit Template
    • Client Report [Template]
    • Quick fire Guide To Troubleshooting In Your Business
    • Weekly Analytics Tracking [Template]
    • ⭐️NEW⭐️Getting Testimonials / Case Studies
    • ⭐️NEW⭐️ Writing a Case Study
  • 13

    Hosting Workshops

    • How To Increase Your Income With Workshops - Training With Laura Davis [Video]
    • Tips For Hosting A Workshop
    • Workshop Slides [Template]
  • 14

    Selling Workshops

    • How To Get Bums On Seats at Workshops
    • How To Use Facebook Ads To Sell Your Workshop - Training with Laura Moore [Video]
    • Sample Ad Copy
  • 15


    • Tips For Productivity & Focus
    • How To Find Out Whats Sapping Your Time by Amanda Appiagyei [PDF]
    • Time Review by Amanda Appiagyei [PDF]
    • Your Time Blocking Worksheet
  • 16

    Amazing Apps

    • Apps For Your Business
    • Apps For Content Creation
    • Apps For Mindset & Focus
  • 17

    How To Keep Growing

    • Level Up
    • Managing Agency Processes - from Andy Lambert (ContentCal)
    • Your Guide To Working With A Va by Claire Grace [PDF]
    • Learn With Podcasts
    • Get Group Support
    • Become An Affiliate
  • 18


    • What's it about?
  • 19


    • Get £200 into your pension!

"It’s fantastic the pack also includes customisable training materials too so I can run workshops, and gives advice on how to set them up and market them. So valuable!" Claire

Buy The Toolkit

The Social Media Managers Tool Kit

by Laura Davis & Laura Moore

We created the Social Media Managers Set Up Pack to provide you with everything you need to hit the ground running and start making more money in your business.

We are Laura Davis and Laura Moore and we've been working in this industry since before Instagram was a thing!  Back when Facebook had no ads and LinkedIn was still a place people used to store their CV's!

Between us we have almost 20 years experience of being self employed and through a lot of hard work (and some epic fails) we have both built very successful businesses in the social media field.  

Over the years we have seen the same questions asked by social media managers, a lot of the same requests for help and resources.  

So we wanted to make your life a little easier by providing you with the things you need to run your social media management business effectively.

You'll be learning from our industry experience and we've designed this toolkit to help you navigate the holes we fell straight into!

The pack includes downloadable resources, infographics and detailed guides.  

We've also brought experts on board to share their tips on mindset, websites, accounting, PR and outsourcing.

For a one off fee you can get instant, lifetime access to all of this!

Meet The Experts

Bethan Davies

Bethan is a a qualified life and business coach who focuses on time management, mindset and strategy. She mainly works with women helping them to create the freedom and lifestyle they want for themselves and their family.

Claire Grace

Claire is the founder and director of The Assistant Quarters. Claire is an expert in helping business owners to outsource parts of their business to help them to make more money.

Laura Moss

Laura is the face behind Smart Online Accountants Ltd. But she is not your typical accountant! Laura is the accountant for female entrepreneurs.

Amanda Appiagyei

Amanda is a brand strategist and designer. She helps brilliant small businesses to un-muddle their ideas, get clear on their messaging & communicate that to their audience through branding & web design, helping them to claim ownership of their brand.

Sophie Livingston

Sophie is a marketing partner to freelancers. She helps you write websites and marketing content so you can land your ideal clients, earn more, and work less. She believes in slow and simple marketing, and she’s on a mission to help freelancers feel good.

Fiona Minett

Fiona Minett is a PR expert and founder of Boss your PR. She has generated front pages & coverage with the likes of House Beautiful, ELLE Decoration, VOGUE, The Sunday Times, The Observer, Woman and Home. As well as countless celebrity, blogger and influencer placements.

Stop Hustling!

Expert advice, professional templates and much more... designed to to help you save time and grow your social media business.

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Sam Kirk

'The templates alone are worth the investment'

Sam Kirk

'I have only been working as a social media manager for 3 months after gaining my qualification, so am still very much in the start-up stage where everything seems slightly overwhelming! The templates alone are worth the investment, and they were the selling point for me - they are so convenient and easily adaptable to your branding.'
Kirstin Chaplin

'I wish it had been available when I was starting out, it would have freed up so much time'

Kirstin Chaplin

‘This incredible toolkit contains everything you need to get your business off the ground and offers unparalleled value for money. I wish it had been available when I was starting out, it would have freed up so much time and allowed me to hit the ground running. Thanks to Laura and Laura you can be assured that you are getting the best advice and support in the biz.’
Caroline Doyle

'It’s definitely up there as one of the best business investments I have made.''

Caroline Doyle

'I have been running my own business for the past 10 months and with over 20+ years experience in marketing, I didn’t really think I needed a toolkit. However, I was curious about the hype and decided to go ahead and purchase... I can honestly say I have been more proactive for my business in the last week since buying it than I have been in the last 10 months. It’s definitely up there as one of the best business investments I have made.'
Ruth Charlton

'If you are serious about growing your business you should invest in this toolkit.'

Ruth Charlton

'If you are serious about growing your business you should invest in this toolkit. It pretty much answers all the questions you have when you first set up and in the early years of running a new business. It's jam packed with practical advice and templates that you can personalise and start using straight away. My business is not brand new but I believe it is important to continuously develop and invest in your learning and this is now my go-to guide.'
Lucy Beaufrere

'I graduated (as a social media manager) a year ago and have found it to be very valuable for my business'

Lucy Beaufrere

'This is a one-stop shop to launching your SM business. It contains all the training, templates and helpful tips & videos you’ll need to get going with confidence and a well equipped arsenal of tools to establish you as a social media professional. I can’t recommend this enough - you’ll feel energised and ready to take on your first client but it’s not just for newly qualified SMM's, I graduated a year ago and have found the pack to be very valuable for my existing business'
Claire Smith

'The templates are amazing!!! Incredibly professional'

Claire Smith

The Social Media Managers Toolkit is everything I hoped it would be. I wish I’d had this months ago. Great level of detail, not too overwhelming and from people who have been there and done it. Additional experts are brought in at the right time, and cover really useful subjects like accounting. The thought process behind how to price yourself is great, I would never have thought about it in that way before. The templates are amazing!!! Incredibly professional, they will save people hours. They’ll definitely help my business stand out with clients. It’s fantastic to get customisable training materials too so I can run workshops, and advice on how to set them up and market them. So valuable! In essence I’m feeling invigorated and ready to go!
Kerry Jones

'Slides and tips on creating and delivering workshops are an added bonus - they would usually be a separate paid course'

Kerry Jones

'This is a well thought out and put together toolkit that would be an asset to any Social Media Manager. The slides and tips on creating and delivering workshops are an added bonus - they would usually be a separate paid course and yet are generously included here for free. If you are looking for a simple and easy to understand one-stop shop - then look no further!'

All this for £299

One off payment. No membership. No direct debits. Just ONE payment so you can hit the ground running.


  • Does this pack contain everything I need to get started?

    Yes... We've given you various templates including a client proposal, strategy, invoice and even a guide for clients on how to make the most of their power hour with you.

  • How does this fit in with my business branding?

    The templates are all built in Canva and are fully customisable so you can ensure they stay within your brand style. We've even included a short training video to help you to customise them.

  • What if I don't have any clients yet?

    We've got you covered. Our in-depth guide gives you advice and ideas on how to get your first clients.

  • What if I already have clients?

    This set up pack gives you what you need to grow your business. Our in-depth guide includes information about getting more clients, and increasing your monthly income.

  • Do I have to download everything straight away?

    No! No matter when you buy, or at what price, you'll always get lifetime access so you can return whenever you want to access the resources.

  • Will this train me to be a social media manager?

    No. This is a toolkit to help you to build your business once you have the skills needed to run social media for your clients.

  • Who is this toolkit designed for?

    Anyone who provides social media management services for their clients. Whether you trained with Digital Mums, Tech Pixies, Pitman, the Marketing Institute, have used Facebook free resources or are self taught, this toolkit is for you.

  • How can I be sure the toolkit gives me what I need?

    Check out the curriculum above to see exactly what's included. And feel free to drop us an email to ask any questions before you buy. laura@socialmediamanagertoolkit.co.uk

  • Do we get a live tutor to help us?

    Yes... you have access to Laura & Laura in our Facebook group where we will also have live trainings.

Get Set Up For Success

Get lifetime access to all the resources you need right now for your social media management business.

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